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Hereditary successions of an international nature are always a complicated matter. At Fontán and Zubizarreta Lawyers, we take care of determining the competent jurisdiction, as well as the applicable law, to make it a simple and comfortable process for you.
Our main functions are:


We legalize, translate and validate the wills granted outside Spain, as well as advice on the writing of wills in Spain.

Obtaining certificates (death, last wishes, etc.)

We help you obtain death certificates, as well as the certificate of last wills, to know if the deceased made a will and with which notary, since it is essential to obtain a copy of it to perform any succession.

Adjudication and Acceptance of Inheritance Deeds

We make the management of the deceased's inheritance effective for all those close to you. We take care of the testamentary, as well as, where appropriate, the taxation of the inheritance of the non-residents.


We take care of the preparation and presentation of those liquidations that have to be made as donations (understood as a free-of-charge act of free will among the living), as well as to determine the conditions to which these donations will be subject to.