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The income of non-residents in Spanish territory is a fundamental issue in which we are specialized. We assist the procedures of management, inspection, sanction and tax collection, and economic-administrative claims. Likewise, we help in the tax optimization of large assets.
Our main occupation is:

Tax advice to non-tax residents

We offer tax counselling and representation in administrative procedures derived from the application of taxes, such as the preparation and completion of tax returns.

Presentation of annual returns (Income and Estate)

We take care of preparing and submitting your documents, in addition to analysing the deductible expenses and bonuses applicable to the taxpayer, always keeping in mind the legislative changes so that you only pay what corresponds to you.

Obtaining the Foreigner's Identification Number (NIE)

We help you request the assignment of the NIE, the personal, unique and exclusive number for foreigners, with which you can identify yourself and which must be included in the documents issued to you, as well as the payment of your taxes.

Obtaining the Tax Identification Code (CIF)

We meet the needs of international societies and help register their CIF number quickly and efficiently to the Tax Agency. As part of this service, we also obtain NIEs for all administrators of the foreign company.

Payment of taxes and municipal fees

We deal with the processing of the different taxes: the land value tax (IBI), the value-added (VAT), the income of natural persons (IRPF), companies (IS), etc.