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We have a long experience crafting legal documents of all kinds: for us, a correct writing is essential to prepare writings, requests, resources, contracts, powers or legal decisions of a general nature.
Our services include:

Preparation of powers in two languages ​​(Spanish/English)

We manage the preparation of documents that attribute or revoke powers of representation, both in Spanish and English. You will give or annul power of attorney, either general or special, to a natural or legal person to act as your representative in any legal act.

Contract writing

We offer a comprehensive and professional counselling service in the elaboration of contracts of all kinds, attending primarily to their study and subsequent preparation.

Legal reports

After conducting a thorough factual and legal analysis, we issue legal decisions in which we determine the most appropriate business choice based on the risks and the chances of success, or to assess the probabilities of filing an appeal, in a way that allows you to sustain the legal position that best suits your interests or to know if your claims have real chances to prosper.