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In the field of real estate investment, we provide a complete legal vision. We advise on the acquisition of real estate (homes, premises, land), attending to the possible problems that may arise during the entire sale process until its completion. In addition, if you are looking to get the Golden Visa to reside as an investor in Spain, our law firm can help you.
We provide the following assistance:

Advice and management in Real Estate matters

We take care of obtaining the certificate about the urban situation of the properties that you want to acquire, both to know the type of property in question, and to know if there are previous urban infractions.

Most suitable tax strategy in property purchase and sales

We help you in the management of tax payments for the transmission of any goods in Spanish territory.

Registration at the Land Registry and Catastro

We deal with the registration of acts, contracts and resolutions that affect the property, and other rights over immovable property, as well as certain judicial resolutions.

Urban Compliance Certificates

We obtain the document that certifies that your property does not have any administrative file for having committed some type of urban infraction, to be able to present it in the case a buyer requests it at the property transfer.

Global advice on Real Estate Development

We carry out the necessary steps to ensure that the land is suitable for construction, as well as the preparation of contracts for the execution of subsequent works.

Golden Visa attainment for non-resident investors

We process your application for a residence visa for investors, commonly known as Golden Visa, with which you can access the entire area of ​​the European Economic Community.

Declaration of New Build and Horizontal Division Deeds for houses and buildings

We write and process the corresponding notarial practices on the declarations of new construction and commonhold division of buildings.

Bank finance and mortgages

We constantly review the latest legal requirements so you can get your mortgage deed without complications.

Lease agreements (for residential, commercial and tourist use)

At Fontán and Zubizarreta, we prepare leases for all types of real estate and premises.

Obtaining Tourist Apartment Licenses

We assist you in the procedures to allocate your property to tourist activities (apartments, rural houses, holiday homes).

Representation and advice before Homeowner Associations

We provide advice and services related to homeowner associations: constitution, drafting of by-laws, advice on board meetings and conflict resolution.

Advice and representation in Court auctions

We provide advice and representation in connection with real estate court auctions.